Think in 4D

Design Brilliant User Experiences and Valuable Digital Products

A memorable new model for digital product design strategy (from UX research to prototyping), including over 500 illustrations and 40 exercises to help students, professionals, and leaders level up.

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Many aspiring or practicing UX/UI designers lack solid conceptual foundations for the field, and existing methods oversimplify design thinking into a flat, linear process. Art students fixate on graphic design aspects, career changers struggle with the flexible thinking required, and experienced professionals still just seem to copy existing sites and apps instead of being strategic.

Think in 4D unites behavioral psychology, business strategy, visual principles, research methods, and human-centered design practices to provide a simple yet flexible model for digital product design. I share evergreen principles and refined methods drawn from 20 years of experience as a digital design consultant in New York City plus a variety of undergraduate and graduate design courses.

The 244-page hardcover is a pithy, visual cheat sheet for hundreds of design ideas. Any student, professional, or leader in the design community will find it an essential handbook to have on their shelves.

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Praise for advance versions:

“It’s very good! I revisited a lot of the fundamental software design texts during this period and came out very disappointed with the classics, we really need stuff like what you’re doing.”
David Cole, former VP of Design at Quora

“I’ve never felt more confident being able to start from nothing. It totally changed my communication tactics and moved ambiguous product conversations forward. Applying the 4D structure to early product definition workshops got stakeholders aligned and inspired about what we’re building and why.”
Erin Nolan, Product Design Lead at Coinbase

“Decades-long UX pro here… having read ‘every UX book out there,’ (more or less), you’ve grabbed my attention. Everything you say makes sense, and meshes with my real-world experience.”
Linda Eskin, UX Designer