Think in 4D: Create Brilliant User Experiences and Valuable Digital Products

A clear and useful framework for the creative practice of user experience design.

Many aspiring designers or transitioning professionals muddle through UX bootcamps, articles, or videos without solid conceptual foundations for the field. I share evergreen design principles and methods drawn from 20 years of experience as a digital design consultant in New York City and a variety of classes created for Parsons’ and the School of Visual Arts’ masters programs.

In one richly illustrated handbook you’ll get:

  • Key mindsets and materials to have for UX prototyping

  • Tested methods to invent, craft, and evaluate solid stories, impressions, journeys, and memories that make an impact in two, three and four dimensions

  • More than 100 illustrations of the concepts, providing the visualizations and exercises you need to develop your right brain

  • Curated lists of recommended reading and resources for personalized specialization and lifelong learning

Are you interested in a creative, collaborative, remote-friendly, and rewarding career? Or a visual guide to multi-dimensional thinking for your digital product or service?

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