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Erica possesses a breadth of design, user experience (UX) and coding skills that are astounding. Neil Baptista, CEO of Riffle

...We worked with her on typography exploration, naming, identity, mission and vision as part of our brand, logo and site design. She then did exceptional visual design and wireframes for complex user flows and features. Finally, she coded everything up in elegantly organized HTML/CSS, all the while contributing innovative ideas and process within a distributed team. She has vast project experience and instinctively protects the needs of the user, ensuring that the right thing gets built. Her dedication is priceless and most certainly leads to superlative results.

User Experience

The core service I provide is user experience design (I'm writing a book!): planning a functional, usable, reliable, convenient, fun, and meaningful trip through time. We might improve user flows, device adaptations, or brand expressions. I’ll work within your development timelines to research, sketch, analyze, and integrate new features. next

User Interface

Zooming in, we can explore and refine the surface details. Established design systems like Apple’s HIG or Google’s Material Design are good starting points for fast movers, or we can invest time in a unique visual language (your own custom framework). We’ll find your fit from figurative to abstract, dimensional to flat, static to kinetic. next


Zooming out, we can envision your strategy and engineer the structure. What are the mental models, maps, and messages for your product or service? How will you innovate, iterate, and adapt? I’m trained in Lean Startup and Agile methodologies, and work to test your riskiest assumptions and ship your biggest priorities. next


Bad or nonexistent branding obviously impedes good user experience. If needed, I’ll create an MVP (Minimum Viable Personality): logotype, color palette and typography system. Marks, collateral, and guidelines can follow. Brand consulting might also include strategy, naming, sub-branding, or SEO, so you’re well set to grow. next


If our medium is code, it’s good to get to it. I’ll use lo-fi methods like paper, POP, or Invision if appropriate, but I used to be a front-end developer so I <3 CSS too. I deliver components as working demos in Codepen, or sites as hosted repos using Jekyll. We’ll see how the type, colors, behaviors, and flows feel as an actual clickable/tappable thing. next

  • CSS animation experiment

See the Pen Mapper Demo by Erica Heinz on CodePen.

Generalist, Pragmatist, Enthusiast!

UX & Product Design. Full-service gigs might last 1-3 years — specialty contracts are a few weeks or months. I’m mostly booked at the moment, but talk to me about small/fun projects or speaking. next

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